How to Beat Money Worries

By The CALS Team

Just by being on this site and reading this article you’ve taken a step towards getting back in control!

There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about speaking to a debt adviser about your issues – we do not judge! You should feel proud that you are taking such a positive step to sorting out your money worries.

Here are three top tips for times when you’re feeling bad about yourself because of your money issues:


  1. Be kind to yourself! Imagine what you might say to a close friend if they had these worries. How would you help them find solutions or take their mind off the bad feelings? Be your own best friend!

  2. Remember that not everyone is looking or judging! Research show that we greatly overestimate how much other people know about our situations and how much time others spend thinking about us!

  3.  So what?! Even if other people were looking at you or judging you would this really matter? You are taking positive steps to fix these money issues. Always remember this!