Debt Myth Busters – Fact or Fiction?

By the CALS Debt Team

There are lots of myths when it comes to the subject of owing money or being behind with your bills.
Friends or family may be well meaning when offering you advice about your debts but it is important that you know what is FACT, and what is MYTH.

FACT: If you have debts, your name will NOT be added to a central ‘credit blacklist’. There is no such thing as a credit blacklist that names people who should not be lent money. Credit reference agencies only hold factual information about you.

FACT: You CANNOT be sent to prison for not being able to afford to pay your debts. Having unaffordable debts is not a criminal offence. You can only be sent to prison for debt in very specific and unusual circumstances for example if you refuse to pay or had the money to pay and did not do so.

FACT: You do NOT need to pay a fee for professional debt advice. Free debt advice is available from us and other agencies across the country. We do not charge a fee.

FACT: Debt collectors are NOT bailiffs and have NO right to come into your home. Debt collectors have no more power than your creditors.

FACT: Most bailiffs CANNOT force their way into your home unless you have let them in on a previous visit; they have taken control of your goods or you have broken any agreement you had with them.