We’re Hiring Debt Quality Officers

We’re Hiring Debt Quality Officers We are looking for two experienced debt advisers to join the EMMA Project Quality Team.  The EMMA project is a partnership of advice organisations working across the East Midlands to deliver high quality, free to access debt advice to people who need it.  The Quality Officers will help us to […]

Speaking Your Language

Thanks to new funding, we can now assist all callers in their preferred language through Language Line. When you contact our reception service, please let them know which language you would like to use for your interview. We will then arrange for an interpreter from Language Line to interpret by telephone during your appointment with […]

New Opportunities to Work with CALS

We’re excited to be looking for 7 exceptional people to join our team to deliver a new project. We’re recruiting Advisers, an Administrator, a Supervisor and a Relationship and Development Manager to deliver our new Energywise project. The Energywise project will help people in Leicester to save money on energy bills, as well as providing […]

Debt Myth Busters – Fact or Fiction?

By the CALS Debt Team There are lots of myths when it comes to the subject of owing money or being behind with your bills. Friends or family may be well meaning when offering you advice about your debts but it is important that you know what is FACT, and what is MYTH. FACT: If […]

What now for Immigration?

By Louise Koch, Immigration Solicitor So after Theresa May announced her resignation, it leaves us thinking of the immigration legacy she leaves behind her as Home Secretary and Prime Minister. Her intention has been clear, to reduce immigration. She has coined the phrase “hostile environment”. One effect is the Windrush scandal where legally resident Commonwealth citizens have […]

How to Beat Money Worries

By The CALS Team Just by being on this site and reading this article you’ve taken a step towards getting back in control! There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about speaking to a debt adviser about your issues – we do not judge! You should feel proud that you are taking such […]