Aims & Objectives

The Community Advice and Law Service (CALS) aims to provide a free, independent, confidential and quality assured advice service to residents of Leicester and Leicestershire.

CALS also works in partnership with other organisations and funding bodies for the development of advice services in Leicester City and County. We aim to ensure that all people have access to advice and seek to influence social policy issues.

The services CALS provides seek to promote self-help where appropriate and offer casework support for those individuals who are unable to manage the matter themselves. Our services are available to all sections of the population of Leicester and Leicestershire, irrespective of race, gender, disability, sexuality or means.

We strive to bring about changes in social policy through participation in consultation, by debate or challenge.

We operate in a professional manner and ensure quality standards are applied and maintained throughout all aspects of service provision. We also ensure that the Equal Opportunities Policy is applied to all aspects of service delivery.


Withdrawal or Limitation of Service Policy
The Community Advice and Law Service is committed to providing services to all eligible individuals and to fostering an environment that is safe for all clients, staff, volunteers and visitors. However, in certain exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to refuse, withdraw or limit the services that we are able to provide to individuals. Such decisions will only be made after all available options have been considered.
Circumstances that may lead to limitation, withdrawal or refusal of service:
  • violence, or threats of violence
  • harassment, discrimination or any other action that causes significant discomfort or distress to staff, volunteers, visitors or other clients
  • infectious disease
  • requests for staff/volunteers to collude with fraud or illegal activity
  • inappropriate and excessive use of resources.
This list is intended as a guide for both clients and staff. However, if an instance occurs that is outside these guidelines, which indicates that it is inappropriate for service use to continue, the Community Advice and Law Service reserves the right to limit or refuse service after careful consideration of the situation.